Shopping Drop Out: Why I gave up Black Friday

We’ve all seen the memes, poking fun at Black Friday.  ”Only in America,” they say “do people go shopping to fight over stuff that they just gave thanks for the day before.”

But wait.  As funny as it is- it just makes me stop and wonder- WHY?  It’s a long time tradition for many, to go out, scope great deals, go to lunch and be part of the frenzy.  Somewhere in recent years however, it went wrong, very wrong.  When people are trampled on or lose their lives over material goods, we have to stop in our culture and ask, WHAT IS THE POINT?

If you can’t answer that question, other than to get a “deal”, here’s why I have given up Black Friday Shopping.

1.  I love Christmas too much to go fight crowds for material “stuff”.  Maybe Christmas perhaps doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.
-Dr. Seuss

2.  Because I love Christmas, I’d rather be at home with family enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers and decorating.  In the picture below, I’m buddy the Elf.  I love all things related to Christmas, songs, baking, lights- you name it.  Shoulder to shoulder in the local box store is not my style, so I’d rather make memories that day with my family.


3.  Online shopping is too easy now!  With a few simple searches and clicks I can be DONE.  I can thoughtfully find the majority of what I would like to give to my loved ones by ordering online, retailers have made it just as easy to shop deals on the web as in person.  As a matter of fact… as I write this post, most of my shopping is done and gives me no reason to go out this week.

4.  Deals are present year around.  I can save all year and/or buy things in advance.  Retailers have made it very easy to do layaway ect. and have great deals on products that simply don’t require me to get out on this one day of the year.

5.  Me and my family are worth it.  We are worth not looking for parking spots, waiting for restocking of shelves, long lines at the cash register or exhausting ourselves physically and mentally over consumerism.  Our Savior is the true meaning of what it is all about.  If we are going to exhaust ourselves- let it be over building community and sharing authentic love.

May you have a very blessed holiday season and like the Grinch, may your heart ever grow and not be two sizes too small. . .

1 Comment on Shopping Drop Out: Why I gave up Black Friday

  1. Clare Lewis
    November 28, 2014 at 3:09 am (2 months ago)

    You hit the nail on the head with this article. I agree with everything that you said.