lavedersugarscrub-3I am so excited today to share with you a marvelous recipe on how to make your own sugar scrub. It comes to us today from Sylvia, an Avon representative who is a military wife from South Georgia. She’s been using this easy and wonderful recipe for a while now and was happy to share with On The Way Home readers.

All you need is Avon Skin So Soft, raw sugar, granulated sugar, and any brand lavender essential oil. I just found out today you can buy it anywhere- even at stores like Hobby Lobby & Wal-mart! This is something I am going to be making often. It smells absolutely fabulous and feels wonderful on the skin.

(Sylvia Wages pictured above)




Here’s the recipe:   12 OZ Skin So Soft, 1/2 cup raw sugar, 1 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon to 8ml essential lavender oil.  (Depending on how potent you want it to smell).
Mix well and there you have it- your very own sugar scrub that is amazing for your skin!


If you need Avon Skin So Soft- please see Sylvia’s page. Avon has some great products. Skin So Soft is also a natural mosquito repellant (more on that towards summer!)

Hope y’all enjoy this scrub as much as we do.  Blessings! – Sarah

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