I have recently began planning for my daughter’s first communion which is still many months away.  It’s definately an event one wants to be nice and elegant- but as most people these days, we’re on a budget for it.

Going through pinterest, I came accross this beautiful shabby-chic idea of taking wooden spindles from a box store and making them into tall topiary centerpieces for an elegant event.  Using only baby’s breath, it makes a soft and delicate statement.

I made my spindle centerpiece stand for less than $4.00 per centerpiece.  The flowers were $12, (it took 3 bundles of 5 stems each) and the floral ball was about $3.50 from a craft store.  A total cost of under $20!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Wooden spindle
Mider saw if you are cutting it to a specific length
3 Nails (pin like)
Base (very important to get a stable base about 6-8 inches in width for stability.  I had to redo mine and make the base bigger)
Power Drill
Floral ball (I used a 4 inch wet floral ball)
Approx. 15 stems babys breath
Ribbon to accent (optional)

1.  Cut the spindle to the desired height of the arrangement.


2.  Paint the spindles.  Could be gold, silver, white or any other color you can imagine.  The spindles should cost about $2 each.  I used white paint that I already had on hand.  Let dry.

3.  Pre drill the bottom center of the base with the bottom center of the spindle.  Screw in the base and attach to the spindle.

4.  Put in 4 nails at a diagnal on the top of the spindle.  See picture below.spindlenails

5.  Place foral ball for 10 seconds in water, rotating it so it soaks up enough water evenly.

6.  Place wet floral ball on nails.

7.  Proceed to place babys breath stems (with about a 2-3 inch stem) around the entire ball in clusters.

Until finally you have…. a full centerpiece!


Attach ribbon of your choice, we used the ever popular burlap for a shabby-chic look!

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