The fourth of July is soon upon us.  And what better way than to brighten up the dinner table with some patriotic decor?  Perfect for a dinner gathering and it won’t break the bank.

For about $2.50 a plate, you can create these chargers and napkin rings in any design imaginable.  I first saw the technique on another blog then made it my own by hot glue gunning patriotic fabric to foam board and finding little firecracker’s at a local craft store to augment the theme.

You will need:
12-14″ foam board (you can get a bigger peice and cut down to a few inches bigger than the size of your plate)
Hot glue gun and glue
Fabric- your choice on the design
Napkin ring embellishments

Step 1:  Cut the foam board to the size you need.  Should be a few inches bigger than your plate.  Mine ended up being 12-14″.  Edges do not have to be “perfect”, just reasonably cut.

photo 1


Step 2:  Cut your fabric so there is about an inch on all sides that you can then fold over the foam core on the back.
photo 12

Step 3.  Fold over the fabric on the back of the foam board, glue gun into place on all sides and corners.

photo 4

Step 4.  Place your plate on top of the setting and embellish napkins with ribbon or other accessories.  I chose an ever popular firecracker!


Hope this idea brightens your fourth!  God Bless America!

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