Football season is now upon us!  In our house we love USC Trojans and ASU Sun Devils.  Below is a deco mesh wreath I created to show our support for both teams.  Colors can be changed out and ribbon adjusted to match your favorite team.  The process was simple and I found everything at the local craft store for under $40 total.


USCASUwreath2  USCASUwreath3F

First I painted the letters, while they were drying I used red/maroon and yellow/gold deco mesh on a circluar wire wreath.  I start with the large deco mesh first then work my way around with accents of the yellow.

Next I made a bow at the top and wired in the craft store football find.  Then I tied at each wire space a corresponding smaller ribbon to hide the wire/deco mesh gaps.  Lastly, I hot glue gunned the letters to the wreath.

Took a little over an hour all together to create.  On Etsy you can find corresponding team ribbons, I may go and add a touch of them to the creation!

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