It is the end of the week and I don’t want to order pizza for the family.  I was thrilled that the Dave’s Gourmet products had come in the mail- dinner was solved!  The company was great to work with, prompt and has wonderful customer service.

Knowing that I needed a quick yet tasty dish, I decided to pair my butternut pasta with a butternut squash sauce by Dave’s Gourmet.  I am not one for jar sauces, I like to make everything from scratch.  But I will tell you- this sauce is fabulous!  Usually I tweak the sauces with extra of this or that, but with Dave’s Gourmet- there was no need to.  This saves any mom the time in prepping food!

Here is my two step process for
this recipe:

1. Boil butternut squash pasta till cooked.  Drain.  2.  Warm and pour Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce over the pasta.  That’s IT!  Pair with vegetables, and italian bread.

It tasted smooth and savory with a slight touch of sweetness.  It paired very well with the pasta and would go great with chicken and fresh vegetables as sides.  This is a fantastic go-to meal.  The thing I liked about it is that I didn’t have to worry if the quality would be there.  It was, and that is a relief for any mom or dad trying to put together a fast and delicious meal for their family.

We still have 1/2 a jar left, so check back and see what other creation I come up with for this sauce!  I would definately seek this out in the store and buy.

For more information on Dave’s Gourmet products please visit their website at  You can also find them on social media at: and @davesgourmet on twitter.

Disclaimer:  Products were received complimentary by the company.  The opinions in this review are my own.

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