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One of the best items to get any woman on your list is definitely jewelry! What gal doesn’t want added bling? Jen Carey of the Etsy shop, The Modern Bazaar is one jewelry designer you will love. Let’s take a look at her process and products!

1. What has inspired you to create jewelry and where do you get daily inspiration from? I am inspired everyday by the meaning behind the jewelry I am making. I adopted my 2 precious children from Russia and had the latitude and longitude of the place I adopted them from tattooed on the back of my neck. This later inspired me to create jewelry that could commemorate special events for people. I also made some special pieces when my father passed away and found so much comfort in wearing that jewelry everyday. I am inspired everyday by the meaning behind the jewelry I am making.

2. What makes your jewelry or process unique? I make every single piece of jewelry by hand from start to finish. I stamp each letter and symbol and truly put my heart into each thing I make.

3. What are your favorite picks for the holidays?

The Gold Latitude & Longitude Bracelet.  This is the perfect gift to commemorate a meaningful place that has had an impact on your loved one’s life.

Next on the list is the coordinating latitude & longitude ring.  A wonderful addition or stand alone piece to give as a gift.


Lastly, I recommend the Personalized Roman Numeral Pendant.  Have your special day stamped on a classy sleek pendant.  Another fabulous way to commemorate a date of importance with style.

Be sure to check out Jen’s shop for more fantastic gift options.  Order soon to ensure delivery before Christmas!  Her jewelry will be a delighted gift year around too.

Thank you Jen for sharing your shop with us.  Happy Holidays!

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