This is our first year doing a Jesse Tree, I’ve been wanting to do one for a few years.  I am excited about sharing this tradition with my family, I think it will be a great way to keep us centered on Christ this season.  For more ideas on Keeping Christ in Christmas, see a great link up of articles HERE.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own Jesse Tree Ornaments.  We used the templates from Ann Voskamp’s Book: The Greatest Gift.  I am in no way affiliated with her book.  Upon purchasing her book you are given the code to download free printable Jesse Tree ornaments for personal use.  Here is how we took these beautiful white printables and made them into lasting treasures.

1.  Print the printables on high quality cardstock in color.

2.  Get 25 round ornaments, print to size that will fit.

3.  Get enough paper for the backing of the ornaments, about
5-7 full size scrapbook sheets.

4.  Trace so the printable covers the round ornament.  Cut to size.

5.  Modge podge the printable to the ornament on one side.


6.  Trace the scrapbook paper, modge podge it to the back side of the ornament.


7.  Take the modge podge and ensuring the printable is smoothly attached, modge podge the front of the printable ornament.


8.  Repeat with other ornaments.  Let the front dry, then modge podge the back side on the top of the scrapbook paper.

9.  To complete the look, take a matching paint, I used cream/beige and paint the edges of your ornaments.


10.  Let dry and wrap up as a special gift to open each day during December.  May Jesus’s love be with you!


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