Valentine’s day is next week! We’re hosting a very fun Valentine Party. I have the cupcakes toppers, party bags and lot’s of delicious treats planned. But what we still need are some great game ideas for the kids. That got me searching for the best ideas around the web. Here’s what I found and I was thrilled to share with you:

1. Valentine’s Bingo (Free printable!) by Crazy Little Projects

2. Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe by Make & Takes @ Alpha Mom

Front 400 Heart Tic Tac Toe 023

Musical Hearts  Much like musical chairs, lay out hearts instead.  Each time you stop the music, remove a heart.  The last person standing wins!


Heart Hopscotch by Toddler Approved
heart hopscotch

Steal My Heart   Use chopsticks to try to steal as many hearts as you can in a minute from the bowl.  Whoever gets the most hearts- wins!


Candy Heart Learning Games by Teach Beside Me


Stack It Valentine!   Try to stack as many conversation hearts as you can in one minute.



And last but not least- a family fun night by to do with conversation hearts!  Great ideas here.


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