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Hip hip hurray!  They are almost home and now it’s time to plan their homecoming.  Here’s a round up of ideas, signs, balloons and more to make the day special.  Here’s 3 tips to make the day go smoothly.

1. Stay flexible and… Remember OPSEC.  You’ve made it this far… try to stay calm amongst all the jitters upon waiting their final return.  Be sure not to put anything about their return details (days, times ect) on social media.  Here is a link to a DOD Opsec slideshow for families.

2.  Stay open minded.  Do you have it all planned out just how it will go?  Try not to have expectations as you don’t want to be disappointed if things aren’t “perfect”.  Sometimes the glitches along the way will make for great stories later on.

3.  Be realistic.  Many service people have been traveling for days without sleep.  When they get home- they may need to recupperate!

Here’s some fabulous ideas of how to make their day special:

1.  Welcome Home Signs


Photo courtesy Baby Bun Designs on Etsy


Photo courtesy of Green Label Photography


Photo courtesy of Melissa Gephardt Photography

laurenriggsphotographyPhoto courtesy of Lauren Riggs Photography


2.  Welcome Home Wreaths


Photo courtesy of HangEverthingUp on Etsy

3.  A Shower of Balloons


4.  Welcome Home Glow In The Dark Balloons- (perfect for night time returns!)


5.  Decorate the car:  Use window paint or order a custom vinyl decal- both will be a great surprise!


Picture courtesy of Gift Queen Gifts

whimsicalwallartvinylwelcomehome Photo courtesy of Whimsical Wall Art on Etsy

And a decal for everyday of the year….


Photo courtesy of thefeistycarrot shop on Etsy

6.  Front Door/Porch Decor


Photo Credit:

7.  Lawn Decor  Get creative!  Here’s some fabulous lawn decor ideas.


Photo Credit: Unknown

8.  Patriotic Food & Decorations   Be sure to download our adorable & FREE cupcake toppers at  www.mediafire   Surprise your loved one with a cake, or better yet- plan a return party!


Photo Credit: Unknown


Photo credit:  Pretty My Party

9. What to wear: If your spouse is anything like mine, it won’t really matter a whole lot what you and the kids are wearing!  He’s just so happy to be home.  But we still want to add some style to the big event.  If you have time to prep here are some great looks.

For babies & toddlers:


Photo Courtesy of TheStripedSwallow on Etsy



Photo Courtesy of PersonallyGraced on Etsy


Photo Courtesy of Chiccoutureboutique on Etsy

Kids:  militarybabycouture

Photo courtesy of Militarybabycouture on Etsy



”Homecoming Red” by onthewayhome on Polyvore.

10. Photographing the return.

Hire a local photographer or have a friend take pictures for you.  It is truely a beautiful moment you will want to remember.  Some local photographers have great rates, check your local spouses facebook pages for military spouses that specialize in homecomings!

Here is the link to an article written by a military spouse that you’ll want to read about capturing the moments of this special day.


Last but not least are our free printables- the cupcake toppers!
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