Summer is just upon us and with that are thoughts of popsicles, watermelon, fireworks and all things patriotic.  Below you will find a how-to tutorial on making this fabulous patriotic wreath.  Feel free to change colors, or find your own symbols to hang from the wreath such as fireworks or patriotic hearts instead of stars.  This was my first attempt making this style of a wreath and I was not disappointed!  I think it’s the beginning of many more to come.

patrioticwreath1Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Roll (15 ft) burlap 4-6″ wide in neutral and red

1 Roll blue wired burlap ribbon, 2-4″ wide

Patriotic swag (stars, hearts, letters) to hang from top center

1 Wired wreath, your choice of size.  Mine was about 14″ in diameter

Floral wire or small gauge wire


Step 1:

Place and secure wire around burlap as pictured above.


Step 2:

Secure wire to inner circle of wire wreath as pictured above.


Step 3:

Every 6-8 inches of burlap, grab and center the burlap by pinching it together, wire it to the wreath’s inner circle as pictured above.
Continue to do this for the entire circle of the wreath until you end up back at the beginning.


Step 4:

Take the red burlap and repeat in a similar way, this time adding the red burlap to the center wire of the wreath.
Try to place the pinched section of the red to the middle of the neutral burlap as pictured above.


Step 5:

Take the blue burlap ribbon and intertwine it in the empty spaces between the neutral and red burlap.

Pinch the ribbon in the same manner and attach with floral wire to the wire wreath on its most outer edge.

Step 6:

When all the burlap and ribbon has been attached and the blank spaces filled, pick the top of your wreath.
Attach with wire or hot glue gun the swag at the top.  A large bow made be made with the blue ribbon as well if desired.

WaLA!  You have your own patriotic wreath.


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